Stress, The Observer & Our Worldview

Research shows that we are in stress mode (fight/flight) 70% of the time. That means that what we see, say, and do is informed by a stress response most of the time. Between this mode and the bombardment of messaging through social media, our judgment and how we view ourselves becomes clouded.

Imagine you’re hiking and you see a bear. Holy crap, right? All of your receptors light up, you brace yourself, blood moves away from your head and into all of the body parts that prepare you to fight or get the heck out of there. Now imagine you see Sally from accounting. Last year, she made your life miserable and almost got you fired. You’re still not okay with her, and you feel your hackles rise when you see her. Did you know that your physical response to Sally in accounting and the bear is the same. That desire that you have to punch her face in creates the exact same response in the body — stress. The only way to begin stepping out of stress reaction mode and into intentional response mode is to have rehearsed rest and digest mode more than its stressful counterpart. This will require change on our parts — change to that 70%.

Noted neurologist, Dr. Joe Dispenza claimed that the only way to begin to create change is to step outside of ourselves, to observe ourselves, and to vision a life beyond what we can immediately see. How can we do that? This is precisely what we’re doing in our yoga asana and meditation practices. We first must turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is accessed through meditation, restorative yoga, and savasana. Once we’re there, we can begin to do the big work of stepping outside of ourselves to see things more objectively.

In order to create true change, it is not only important to practice intentional stillness of the mind, it also involves visualizing a reality you can’t yet see. Adding this new imagined reality — the adjacent possible — we begin to forge the path into the dream — your heart’s ideal situation.

Why can’t we just be who we are AND create a new, less reactionary reality? Because the mind rehearses what it knows from the past. To know something new is to rehearse something not yet experienced, which can be difficult. But, I tell you what, when the passion is there, we all have to opportunity to be big minds with big visions. Consider that your mind, your thoughts, and your dreams can be as big as your most inspired hero… AND they can come true with a little bit of time in intentional silence.