Here’s what some people are saying about yoga with Tamika… 

The first class I took with Tamika was electric. She brings a joy and playfulness to her practice that can be felt in the music she chooses to the tone she sets with each intention for yoga experience. One minute you’ll be dancing and the next you might be shedding some emotional weight and find yourself in tears. Whatever happens, know that this wise woman is holding space for you and guiding you towards the best, most joyous version of yourself.
— Kathleen T.
Having tried yoga off and on for a couple years, I first realized I was flowing through the motions in my practice. It wasn’t until I felt like I really hit bottom that I found myself in the studio. That was the day I found myself in Tamika Caston-Miller’s yoga class. I walked into her class that Wednesday night and felt safe enough to surrender and allow myself to fall apart on my mat and that is the moment I feel I was truly experiencing Yoga fully for the first time and my love for yoga blossomed. I love Tamika’s classes so much I regularly bring my friends and family to her classes. Especially first timers, because she regularly calls out modifications! I have been going to Tamika’s classes for a year and a half now and since then I have only missed a couple classes. Tamika Caston-Miller is one of the best teachers I have ever had not only in yoga but for anything.
— Sandra M.
In many ways my life is before Tamika, and after Tamika. I have let go of so much anger, fear, and insecurity from her teaching. She has a way of making you acknowledge and process your “stuff”. I leave most of her classes drenched in a mixture of tears and sweat. She is part teacher, part therapist, part love and light. I am eternally grateful that our paths have crossed.
— Katina
Tamika is an authentic human and teacher who helps you understand through movement, breath, meditation, dance, humor and sometimes a little tough love how to transcend into your most authentic and fully embodied self. Plus she plays bomb-ass music and has encyclopedic knowledge in various arenas (yoga, Spanish, history, food, dancing etc. etc. etc.).
— Katy Lea
Tamika Caston-Miller is an excellent yoga teacher. She creates interesting and unique sequences and provides food for thought during the initial moments of her class - a kind of “get to know my thought process” introduction to that brilliant mind of hers. She has always shown kindness towards me and showers me with loving embraces to boot. She emphasizes self-care, offers pose modifications, uses props, and incorporates playfulness in her class - all things I love and need. I’ve spent most of my life creating a very thick shell to intentionally keep others out, and I often find it hard to trust others. I see Tamika as someone who gives it all *without holding back.* I admire that so much. She puts herself out there - and isn’t cagey or reclusive - two things I can easily be. I want to thank her for seeing me and accepting me with all my quirks and idiosyncratic ways of being.
— Lisa