Yin Yoga Teacher Training + Immersion

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Yin Yoga TT Blank Pic.png

Yin Yoga Teacher Training + Immersion


Yin Training (40 hours):

Friday Oct. 25 8-6:00PM

Saturday 10/26 10-6:30PM

Sunday 10/27 1:30 - 6:30PM

Friday 11/1 4PM - 9PM

Saturday 11/2 10 - 6:30PM

Sunday 11/3 1:30 - 6:30PM

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Upon completion of this training you will:

Know the science, postures & language of Yin Yoga

Understand the philosophy, history and benefits of the style

Deepen your knowledge of subtle and physical anatomy

Expand your understanding of yogic philosophy to better inform and improve your teaching

Obtain practical skills and experience in teaching and cueing

Experience and learn to create skillful sequencing

Improve overall teaching; be able to teach to a variety of body shapes & abilities, and offer modifications in real time

Learn the art of balancing storytelling and silence, and using music to curate a unique  experience

Learn to work with fuller figured yogis, and bodies with chronic pain and/or injuries, with someone who’s lived and taught to those experiences in private and public settings.

You will also have the following experiences unique to training with Tamika R Caston-Miller:

  • Gain an understanding of triggering, loaded and/or micro-aggressive language and behaviors; obtain skills to use inclusive and trauma-informed cueing that respects all bodies, genders and situations.

  • Obtain expertise in prop use and accommodations to meet all yogis where they are in their practice.

  • Understand and correlate energetics and the yoga sutras to create compelling classes.

  • Employ meditation techniques, including yoga nidra, to create paradigm-shifting experiences

  • Learn from a former master classroom teacher and enjoy an organized, dynamic learning environment that meets your learning style instead of hours of “sit & get” lecture.

  • Mentorship options and community beyond the training.